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Distal Jet Appliance

The Distal Jet appliance uses compressed super-elastic coil springs to apply a constant distalizing force to the molars. This orthodontics appliance is anchored against the palate with a Nance type acrylic button and is fixed in place by either bonding it to the occlusal surface of the premolars or bicuspids or by soldering it to bands on these same teeth. Lengths of tubing extend distally out of the acrylic button on both sides of the arch towards the molars. wire fit into the tubing on one end and into lingual sheaths on the first molar bands on the other end. A locking mechanism slides over the tubes and a length of coil spring is fitted over the wires. By loosening a hex screw in the locking mechanism, the orthodontist can slide the mechanism distally there by compressing the coil spring. The hex screw is then tightened in the new position which keeps the coil spring compressed and causes it to direct a distalizing force against the molars.

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China Orthodontic Laboratory is a full service orthodontic lab specializing in removable and fixed appliances. The lab also produces digital study models, mouth guards, sleep apnea appliances, functional appliances, the Herbst appliances, and many other custom designs. We offer a diverse and considerable choice of colors and designs for the appliances that are sure to please all age ranges.

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