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Frankel Appliance

The Frankel appliance (Functional Regulator) appliance is a system of oral screens that lie in the vestibule of the out. It is a removable orthodontic appliance used in the growing individual to effect the development of muscle, bone, and dentition simultaneously.

This appliance provides and promotes the interruption of abnormal function and facilitates the establishment of harmonious functional patterns. It also provides an environment in which inhibiting factors are removed and which dental harmony can be achieved.

The goal of Frankel treatment is facial balance.

There are four types of Frankel appliances:
Frankel I – treats Class I and Class II Division 1 malocclusions.
Frankel II – treats Class II Division 2 malocclusions.
Frankel III – treatment of Class III malocclusions.
Frankel IV – used for open bites and bimaxillary protrusions.

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