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Expansion Appliance – 3-Way Expander

Imagine the inconvenience of your Hawley retainer arriving weeks past the due, or receiving one on time – only it doesn’t fit your patients. This is exactly what happens when orthodontic labs fall short on manpower, technical capability, and quality control systems, and fail to deliver the results you expect. These shortcomings can lead to unfortunate rescheduling of appointments, which inconvenience your patients and your entire practice.

The problem with working with national labs is that you will not get a personalized service as you would from a local lab. On the other hand, while a local ortho lab mayhave better customer service, lots fail to offer the product variety, quality control and technical experience that national labs can.

To ensure product and service quality that will satisfy you at every turn – from the order to fitting – you need the best of both. Orthodenco  Orthodontic Lab is the answer to this need. Our laboratory is big enough to provide a service of the same level of standards as national labs, but small enough to serve you as well as a local lab.

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Why Work with Orthodenco?

On-time Delivery

We put a great deal of experience, skill, and efficiency into every Hawley retainer we produce and deliver. Our staff processes the order in a timely manner and can send the appliance with plenty of time before your patient’s appointment. When your Hawley retainer arrives, it is readily identifiable for the correct patient.

Experience in the Field

We have crafted first-rate appliances for orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and general dentists for more than three decades now. Our technicians are some of the most qualified and experienced in the field, which enable us to produce Hawley retainers that fit right the first time.We achieve this by implementing quality assurance checks throughout the design and production process.

Through the quality of products and prompt delivery, we can guarantee that you no longer have to deal with frustrated patients and can continue with your practice’s delivery of quality dental care. Browse through our product list to know more about our offers.

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