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Orthodontic Bite Plate

The Orthodontic Bite Plate is used to treat a deep bite. These bite corrector braces work on the principle that an unopposed tooth will continue to erupt until it comes into contact with another surface, this appliance holds the anteriors while allowing the posteriors to erupt. An acrylic shelf is built into a maxillary plate in the anterior region where it will be contacted by the mandibular anteriors holding the bite open in the posterior region. this will cause the posterior teeth to erupt and open a deep bite.

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China Orthodontic Laboratory is a full service orthodontic lab specializing in removable and fixed appliances. The lab also produces digital study models, mouth guards, sleep apnea appliances, functional appliances, the Herbst appliances, and many other custom designs. We offer a diverse and considerable choice of colors and designs for the appliances that are sure to please all age ranges.

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