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Orthodontic Pendulum Appliance

the orthodontic pendulum appliance is a fixed appliance with pre-activated springs. Since the patient can not take it out, it applies force to the molars all of the time. The wire used to make the springs also has a great deal of what is referred to as “memory”, meaning it tends to spring back to its original shape. This prevents the clinicians from having to make frequent adjustments to the springs. it also has an additional screw positioned on the midline so that the arch can be widened and lengthened. While there are many other types of orthodontic appliances, the pendulum appliance is unique because it requires little compliance. Go for our orthodontic fixed appliance, i.e., Pendulum.

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China Orthodontic Laboratory is a full service orthodontic lab specializing in removable and fixed appliances. The lab also produces digital study models, mouth guards, sleep apnea appliances, functional appliances, the Herbst appliances, and many other custom designs. We offer a diverse and considerable choice of colors and designs for the appliances that are sure to please all age ranges.

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