Orthodontic Digital Services

China Orthodontic Lab is proud to announce that we have joined the orthodontic digital services 3D dental model printing space. By virtually eliminating the need for physical impressions, this state-of-the-art system reduces chair time and cuts down on impression material and shipping costs. Just scan and send us your 3D image online and we will be able to start printing a model in minutes with our 3D printer!
By eliminating the need for physical impressions with our orthodontic digital services, our 3D printed models offer:
Increased accuracy
Increased customer satisfaction
Accelerated production times
Increased production capacity
Reduced chair time and material costs
Digital storage solutions
Clear aligner connectivity

Currently accepted files:

For detailed instructions on submitting STL files for each system or should you have questions regarding the products, services and/or processes associated with submitting digital files to us, please contact us at +86-13699800637 or at yinduwen@hotmail.com.


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