Clear Aligner Outsourcing Operation Flow Chart

1, client prepare the Raw files, including 3 STL format files(upper jaw, lower jaw, bite), and some patient pictures.

2, Submit files and photos by Email,, or Dropbox. Receiver email:, remember to tell us which arch need to be treated(upper, lower or both)

3, once we receive the files, we will start to do the treatment plan,the treatment plan including 5 GIF format videos, 10 before & after photos and a treatment note. All these works will be finish within two days.

4, Then we will send back to client to confirm it.

5, when client confirm the treatment plan, we will output the step files, do model printing and aligner manufacture. All these works will be finish within five days.

6, we will packing the aligners when we finish all works, a aligner case, chewies, remover will be given to each patient for free.For packing, we can use your logo and do custom design, but need extra charge.

7, finally we will send back the works by DHL, you will receive 2 days later.